Shaving tips

Despite the fact that most man started to shave in our early teens, Only handful of man know how to enjoy it. I've written those Shaving tips after a couple of friends asked me the same question : Ever wondered why your skin gets so irritated, why you get those nasty "razor burns"?

The reason for your frustration is the way you shave. Using those handful Shaving tips, you can improve the way your skin feels and looks, while keeping a closer shave. It doesnt matter if your into shaving with a straight razor, or you use disposable blades, but if your into wet shaving, be sure to check our "How to shave with a strait razor guide".
Just read those Shaving tips, and see how good is your shaving routine:

Here are the essential basic "How to shave with a straight razor" shaving tips:

1. First you should use hot water, when possible shave after your shower. The warm water will soften the facial hair, open up the pores and relaxes your face muscles. If you are in a hurry, soak a clean hand towel with warm (but not too hot) water and place it on your face for at least a minute.

2. It is highly recommended to use a good quality badger shaving brush. If you prefer to use shaving cream, use a wet brush and mix the cream in your hand, than apply the lather on your wet face just like you would with a regular shave. If you prefer the old method of Shaving soap, you will have to use some kind of a ceramic bowl in which you will be mixing the soap into a lather for your shave with a straight razor.

3.First and most important, never shave against the grain, it doesn't matter if its Classic shave with straight razor or typical type. Most of the "razor burns" are caused by shaving against the growth of your facial hair. Always shave as if your blade is gliding on your face, never force your way, its better to shave twice than to harm your skin. A very important thing is to use a high quality razor, this is big subject, and we will discuss it in another article, Another thing we will discuss in another time is How to shave with a straight razor. Lastly, its a good idea to wash your blade with hot water before you begin your shave.

4.right after you finish your shave, rinse your face with cold water. This will close the pores of your skin, and wash any shaving cream or shaving soap that was left after your shave.

5.Just like the protagonist in the famous "American psycho" film said, "never use a alcohol based aftershave, it dies your skin and makes you look older". During the shave, your skin loses its essential oils, those can be restored using with any moisturizer or body lotion that you will find plenty on the market.

And after all of this, your skin will feel better, it will look healthier, and you will notice that your shave will be much closer. But if you want to improve your shave, start shaving with a straight razor. Be well and have fun.