How to shave with a straight razor

So, You came here to learn how to shave with a straight razor, your sure you want to learn the art of shaving with a straight razor?
In this guide we will learn how to use a straight razor, one of the methods of wet shaving. I've been shaving with a straight razor for years now, but even after all years I still feel a sensation when the blade touches the skin. But Just before you go ahead and grab that fine straight razor with you trembling hands, we will have to make a little preparation work. Everyone's beard grows a little differently. Usually, the hair on the cheeks grows downward, and just a little sideways on the chin, but there are always exceptions. Stand next to a mirror and try to feel with your hand the way your facial hair grows.

Now, before you learn how to shave with a straight razor, its a idea to get used to your straight razor. The traditional way to hold a blade will be in your dominant hand. Put your thumb on the underside of the shank, your index, middle and ring finger on top of it. Next your pinky should lay on the tang, so that the scales stick up between the ring and the pinky. The best angle between the skin and the blade is about 30º. Another important thing, the blade must always glide on the skin, never stop it while its touching your face. the sheer sharpness of the blade will do the work if you leave it for too long in one place. That's the tricky part, you should always feel confident in what your doing. Its good to remember that your blade should move at a right angle to your skin. NEVER sideways, or parallel to the edge of the blade. Never force the blade, shaving with a straight razor should be like gliding a feather on your face.

While shaving with a straight razor, use both of your hands, One with the blade, the other, using your fingers, to stretch your skin. Your first try wont be comfortable , but remember, man of all ages have been doing this for centuries.

The best way to begin your wet shaving will be with your cheeks. place the razor flat on your cheek, and than lift the spine to a 30º angle, and straight away start moving down the cheek to make your first shave. Remember to drop the spine as if its gliding, never force on through. lead with the point of the blade at all times. The trickiest part of the face is under the chin.

Follow those Useful step-by-step pictures [By Cristohper moss]

Remember that you, and only you are responsible for safety of the shave. follow your hunch, shaving with a straight razor is something you have to feel. learn how to shave with a straight razor, and you will find that its not that scary, or dangerous. always pay attention to what your doing and take your time.
Its a good idea to help yourself to some good scotch, there is nothing like a giving yourself a shave while Sipping on your favorite drink. With time shaving with as straight razor will become your relaxing-time of the day.
Be well and have fun.