Shaving with a straight razor

Man have been shaving their beards for centuries. It became a sign of manhood and a strong tradition in the modern world, the same world that seem to despite it so much nowadays. With our "fast" way of life, people started to treat shaving as a burden, and not as something you can enjoy.

Part of the problem is in those "disposable" blades we buy, They cause irritation, in-grown hair and "razor burns" are just part of the  problems those low quality razor blades can cause. In additional to all of this, those companies design the blades to wear-out so that after one month, you have to throw them away and buy a new one. The only apparent solution is Classic wet shaving. Shaving with a straight razor, unlike regular shaving, doesn't cause skin irritation, can be done just as quick, is more profitable in the long run and if you ask anyone who tried it even once, makes a closer shave that feels just great on your face.

Lately people been asking me about how to shave with  strength razor. And although The "Classic shave", or how other call it a "Wet shave", was invented many years ago, man around the world still prefer this old fashioned way over the newer methods. If you are a man who prefers quality, who cares about his health, and above all, loves a close shave, you will have to learn about  how to shave with a straight razor, or how to use a straight razor.

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